Yula.la - Lao's No. 1 General Classifieds Marketplace Since 2012

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Yula.la - Lao's No. 1 General Classifieds Marketplace Since 2012

Yula.la was Lao PDR’s first online classifieds portal and remains the leading source of real estate, vehicle, high tech and general classifieds listings in the Nation.


Created in December 2012 by French national Christophe Eyquem and his Laotian wife Kimthong Luangvilay, the site and mobile apps have grown to become a trusted brand for online shoppers in Laos and the most trafficked site of its kind in the market. The site hosts the largest collection of real estate, automotive, electronics and general product listings currently online in the Lao People's Democratic Republic. The site is in Laotian, English, French and Chinese languages.

DCG acquired a majority stake in Yula.la in March 2017, while the founders, Eyquem and Luangvilay, have remained minor shareholders of Yula.la and will continue to contribute their market knowledge and technical expertise to the business. James Whitehead, former General Manager of DCG’s Cambodia-based operations, moved to Vientiane permanently in early 2018 to head up the Laos business.

DCG estimates that over 60 percent of Lao’s top real estate agents, car brands/dealers and phone dealers upload properties to the portal weekly.


Laos is a country of 6.9 million people. In 2016, Laos' GDP reached USD $13.76 billion dollars, and is demonstrating an ongoing yearly GDP growth rate of 7 percent. Internet penetration is currently 2.4 million, and this is growing at around 35 percent per annum.

DCG specifically targeted Laos due to its growing internet user base and strong GDP growth prospects as an ASEAN member with anticipated high immigration, fueling demand for housing, goods and services. Chinese investment into Laos marks the country as a forerunning destination of the one belt, one road initiative of the Chinese Government. Laos-China bilateral trade exceeded 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in the first nine months of 2015 and 2016 fiscal year. China became the second biggest trade partner of Laos after neighbouring Thailand. Meanwhile, as of May 2016, China has invested a total of over USD $6.7 billion into over 760 projects across Laos, including logistics infrastructure, energy and minerals industry investments and the agricultural and service sector.

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