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DCG-Service Details - Fiji's No. 1 Real Estate Marketplace Since 2014

Fiji’s leading real estate website since its inception in 2014.


Established in February 2014 by Australian expatriate Traviss Orr, quickly became the leading source of online real estate listings in Fiji. The business holds relationships with all of Fiji’s leading real estate agents and co-produces the Fiji Times weekly Property Guide in partnership with the Fiji Times (Fiji’s leading newspaper). derives revenue from real estate agents promoting properties for sale and rent, plus Fiji’s first and only mortgage broker arrangement with several leading banks.

In mid-2015 DCG acquired 25% of and this was recently extended to 100% ownership


The Company expanded to Fiji due to Fiji's strategic importance as the South Pacific’s second largest economy. Fiji’s population is around 800,000, however it’s GDP is about
one quarter of Papua New Guinea's with a total of USD $4.5 billion. Taken together, Papua New Guinea and Fiji represent the vast bulk of the economic opportunity in the South Pacific and therefore are highly complimentary markets.

Fiji enjoys very high 4G LTE mobile phone network coverage thanks to a rollout by Vodafone that commenced in 2014 and aims to cover around 95% of Fiji’s population.